Carpets For Communities

Carpets for Communities (CfC) is a social enterprise focused on the education of some of the poorest and most vulnerable children in Cambodia. These children are at high risk of child trafficking, child labour and child prostitution.

We tackle these issues at the root causes of family poverty and lack of education. By empowering very poor mothers with the ability to earn an income from home by making rugs, the children are instantly relieved from working and begging and enjoy their return to school and playing with their friends. By increasing the income of the families we remove the financial incentive for human trafficking and exploitation of the children.

Mothers and girls make better choices for their families, so as well as helping them earn a steady income we focus on empowering them to help us direct the spending of any profits or donations we get. Programs they have initiated include health and first aid training, micro loans, scholarships, monitoring of the children’s attendance at school and supplying the children with ‘back to school kits’ including raincoats and boots, books, stationary, schoolbags and uniforms among other things.

We encourage you to buy/order a carpet or make a donation. Most carpets come in standard sizes and colours as seen in our online store however they can also be made to almost any size, shape, and color

Each carpet sold makes a real difference. Each rug comes with details on the family who made it. On our official website you can follow their progress as they are working on breaking the cycle of poverty.

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