Carpets For Communities

A year at University

Give potential a chance! Support disadvantaged adolescents to shine at University. 

As part of Carpets for Communities initiatives to further the education of impoverished children in the Poipet commune, we have raised an initiative to further our participants education. In the past, three of our families participants’ sons, and one of CfC’s staff member’s son have expressed interest in attending university. As they approached us, they asked how we could help them further their education even more! As a result we started our scholarship program in 2011 in order to support these four young and ambitious students.

University costs $1600 per year which includes tuition fee, basic living costs and other study costs such as books and materials. This is something that is out of reach for the position our families are in despite the increase in welfare they have received.

This donation will go towards our scholarship fund. This fund allows us to take on new students next year and offer them the chance to study.

This donation comes with a downloadable gift card.

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